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The main wine-growing region of Georgia is Kakheti, which is located in eastern Georgia and borders the Caucasus Mountains. The two main rivers, the Alazani and the Iori, together with the Kakheti mountain system, called the Cold Gombor, create the conditions conducive to viticulture as in Kakheti. In this beautiful part of Georgia, Kakheti, in the heart of Kakheti, on the right bank of the Alazani River, 415 meters above sea level, is the town of Gurjaani, also known as the “Wine City”. Viticulture and winemaking is the main field of Gurjaani and each family is fanatically immersed in it, which is a worthy continuation of the 8000-year-old tradition of Georgian viticulture and winemaking.


This location is humus-carbonate, black earth and alluvial soils.


Climatic conditions of Gurjaani are conducive to quality winemaking. The total amount of atmospheric precipitation during the year is 600-800 mm. The duration of the vegetation period is 210 days, and the average temperature of this period is 18.50.


In Kakheti region cultivated by grapes: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli,Kisi, Mtsvane kakhuri, Khikvi…


Hail is expected in spring and autumn, which often causes significant damage to this or that area. Prolonged droughts may occur in the second half of summer. Winters are moderately cold, cloudy and slightly snowy. Prolonged frosts (18-200) are rarely known for vines. In general, the existence of vine culture in Kakheti can be buried and mostly uncultivated.


The best quality wine vineyards are located in the basins of the Alazani and Iori rivers, 400-700 meters above sea level. There are a totaly of 20 appellations of origin in Georgia, 15 of them are located in Kakheti.


There is also a modern wine laboratory on the territory of the factory, through which our wines are constantly and diligently controlled, both chemically and microbiologically.



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Winery Gurjaani

Tasting & Tours

You can visit us every day, from 11:00 to 14:00, visit our factory on the spot and taste our products. For the visit, please contact us at the contacts provided on our site and register.

Winery Gurjaani

Corporate & Private Events

Every year in October in Gurjaani, on the territory of the resort “Akhtala” a large-scale wine exhibition is held, which presents your products, as well as wines from all wine regions of Georgia, as well as modern classic wines and old Georgian traditional wines. Various alcoholic beverages, Georgian cheese types and Georgian traditional sweetness “Churchkhela”.

Winery Gurjaani


You will find our products at such prestigious exhibitions as:
WinExpo Georgia ( Tbilisi, Georgia, June 5-7)
ProWein (Dusseldorf, Germany, March 21-23)
London Wine Far ( London, England, May 17-19)
VinExpo Shanghai (Shanghai, China, October 21-23)

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